Manuel Gomez

Started off his career working on in Arena Coliseo de Monterrey as his mother was the promoter so he was guaranteed a chance at stardom. Naturally he received an instant push and even managed to get on a few AAA television shows. He never strayed from his home building though and ended up winning a lot of big matches such as the hairs of Pirata Morgan and El Dandy and the mask of Mosco de la Merced. In the year 2000 he finally decided to head to Mexico City and thanks to his connections he got into CMLL rather easily as an instant semi-main event wrestler. He had to add on the Del Norte to his name though as there had already been an Antifaz in CMLL a few years back. For a while he formed a fun trio with Felino and Safari before suffering his first major knee injury. Sadly it was only the first of many to come which eventually ended his CMLL run and sent him back home to Monterrey where he had to change up his style both due to the knee injuries and the fact that in his mid-30's he suddenly had a huge "growth spurt". He became a physically imposing rudo and eventually caught on with AAA once again. After working a few tapings as a tecnico he went back to his rudo persona and became a part of Los Vipers. In late 2008 he announced he was leaving AAA for good and he can now be found working the occasional indy show back home in Monterrey. Still has a well enough remembered name that he'll turn on independent shows trying to use everyone they can think of it (and spending themselves out of existence quickly), but mostly is out of the spotlight. Injuries caught up to him, and he's rarely appeared in the ring since 2013. Antifaz also competed on the WWF's short-lived "Super Astros" show where he agreed to wrestle unmasked as Manuel Gomez. Somehow this also led to him working a few shows for ECW opposite both Tajiri and Super Crazy.
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    Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
ECW International Invasion: The Best of Super Crazy, Tajiri, Taka & Tanaka
AAA Triplemania XXXII: Monterrey
AAA Triplemania XXXII: Monterrey
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