Peter Max

Peter Max a multi-dimensional artist who used bold color to bring art and joy to people - in museums and galleries and on people's walls or on their favorite t-shirt or magazine cover. As a close friend of Michael Lang, one of the co-creators of Woodstock, he helped him with the festival. It was there where Max met many of the musicians that he has painted things like album covers and tour posters for over the years. He has worked with some amazing musicians like The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, and Jimi Hendrix. He also created a clothing collection with Wrangler in the early '70s. Peter Max, famous for pop art encompassing psychedelic imagery, a wide spectra of color, and unique portraits, said it was an encounter with an astronomer when he was a child that sparked his fascination with the universe and greatly influenced his art. Artist Peter Max has carved a half-century career of bold playful images, vibrant colors, and psychedelic shapes-a cheerful, energetic style that's drawn a celebrity following and resonates as much today as when he started his career in the '60s.
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    Berlin, Germany
The Fifth Dimension Special: An Odyssey in the Cosmic Universe of Peter Max
Dynamite Chicken
Dynamite Chicken
Voices That Care
Voices That Care
Mystical Traveler
Mystical Traveler
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