The Birthmark Killer
The Birthmark Killer


After reaching a dead end in an investigation of seemingly unrelated local murders, police learn all of the victims share the same peculiar birthmark.
Tom Wade
Tom Wade
Captain Pagano
Valerie Quade
Det. Maria Jannsen
Moses Jackson
Det. Ed Miller
Lt. Mike Henry
Jessica Duclos
Lt. Amy Lipson
Tarlan Asar
Fashion Designer
Jimmy Bacon
Ray Buffer
Dr. Cochran / Chief of Police / Narrator
Ashley Fischer
Woman on the Street
Dave Fugett
Bank Vice President
Kimberlee Jackson
Girl on the Plane
Kiera Jacob
Alice Schirra
Sommer Jayne
Sgt. Susan Evans
Amie Kieffer
Joan Glasser
Nanaka Kiriyama
First Japanese Girl
Susan Graham Lavelle
Helen Johnson
Genevieve Lerner
Det. Paulette Gannon
Thomas Oh
Boy on the Plane
Wednesday Oh
Girl on the Plane
Derrick Parker
The Janitor
Phillip M. Polite
Sgt. Hiller
Gerard Polito
Fred Young
Nana Ponceleon
Det. Wendy Simpson
Roman Prophet
Killer Caller
Lacey Rae
Lacey Rae
Janice Minski
Alaina Raja
John Henry Richardson
John Henry Richardson
Mr. Higgins
Vie Ritchie
Mrs. Higgins
Richard Rivera
Richard Rivera
Lt. Jack Vernon
Milton Rosete
Man on the Street
Marvl Roussan
Tony Maloney
Second Japanese Girl
Benedikt Sebastian
Senator Jay Cardiff / Jake Logan
Ammons Smith
The Killer / The Informant
Ernest Keith Walker
Ernest Keith Walker
Det. Ernest Warner
Camille Williams
Street Performer
Avis Wrentmore
Avis Wrentmore
Lt. Vivian DeFoe / Det. Latisha Elder
Robert Wyllie
Police Staffer
Andie Ximenes
Andie Ximenes
Thomas Johnson
Rob Shuster
Rob Shuster
Lt. Hank Williams
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