Does the American Moon Rise Over Itaewon ?
Does the American Moon Rise Over Itaewon ?


Yu Jin is a member of a gang in Itaewon district. He will do anything for money, even take a knife. The only person he cares about is his half brother Dol Ee. Shany and Geum Ja are dancers in clubs in Itaewon. They will sleep with anyone, even foreigners, for money. Shany and Geum Ja only have each other to lean on. Nam Ok and Jang Sook have their own fantasies about America and are obsessed by the American dream. Jang Po is an Itaewon mob boss who cruelly extorts money from the young people of Itaewon. These people fight each other with tragic consequences. Under the Itaewon sky, their suffering and tragic love continue.
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