April Fool
April Fool


A modern-day children’s fairy tale that is also a parody of prank films which, in 1980s Israel, were a highly popular film genre. In the magical land of Bubble Gum where all children’s dreams are made, live two princesses: the kind-hearted Tzipi (Tsippi Shavit) and her wicked sister, Pitzi (Seffy Rivlin). Every year on 1 April (April Fools’ Day), the princesses’ birthday, the two hold a prank competition amongst themselves, with the winner getting to rule the land of Bubble Gum for one year. Rounding off Shavit and Rivlin’s adventure and prank fest is a talking robot and a group of children including one Natasha Braunstein – who will go on to become US actor Natasha Lyonne of Orange is the New Black and Russian Doll fame.
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