Gong Jja: Gong Gi Ta Jja
Gong Jja: Gong Gi Ta Jja


University freshman 'Jae-goo' joins the gonggi club with his unrequited love, 'So-hee'?! At first, he only wanted to look good to 'So-hee', but then 'Jae-goo' gradually fell in love with gonggi's charm. 'So-hee' gradually opens her heart to 'Jae-goo', and the two set off for Jecheon, North Chungcheong, in search of a gonggi recluse master. 'Jae-goo' met 'Chang-soo', a recluse gonggi master who is also called 'half air, half sound', passed the test confidently. After becoming a disciple of 'Chang-soo' and becoming a master of gonggi, he encounters gonggi masters scattered all over the country. Credits : HanCinema
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