Nächste Ausfahrt Glück - Beste Freundinnen
Nächste Ausfahrt Glück - Beste Freundinnen


Day-care centre director Katharina is still attracted to her childhood sweetheart Juri Hoffmann. He spends a night of drinking with his best friend Christian and Katharina's best friend Sybille, which makes Katharina and especially Christian's wife Yvonne jealous. Tensions also arise between Sybille and Katharina, who are also colleagues. Meanwhile, Katharina's husband Georg is jealous of Juri, with whom Katharina almost became intimate if Sybille - who for her part has a strong interest in Juri - had not interrupted her. In a discussion with Georg and Juri, Katharina makes it clear to both of them that she wants to stay together with Georg. Katharina denies Yuri's question whether Katharina's first-born son is his. Juri continues to have problems with his dementia-stricken father, for whom Katharina finds him a carer, so Juri plans his return flight to Canada. Whether he actually takes off remains open at the end of the film.
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