Yellow Giant
Yellow Giant


Cheung Yan-lai is imprisoned as he is framed by his elder brother Yan-tsuen. Yan-lai escapes and takes revenge with a quasi-scientific sorcerer, who uses orangutan blood to turn the Yellow Hair Monster into an unparalleled weapon when it drinks human blood. Yan-lai, the Yellow Hair Monster, and the sorcerer, go to confront Yan-tsuen after knowing he will donate a gold Buddha for fund-raising. They are caught in a warehouse. A female ghost kills Yan-tsuen. Heroine Wong Ngang and the Director rush there. They fought with the sorcerer, who dissolves a corpse using a poisonous solvent. It also kills the Monster. Yan-lai gets an electric shock and the sorcerer is scared to death by a vampire. Mother Lo, Yan-tsuen's maid, disguised as the ghost and the vampire. The gold Buddha belonged to her father, who was killed by Yan-tsuen. Yan-tsuen raped her. She sought revenge, takes back the Buddha, and killed Yan-tsuen's wife. Wong Ngang gets the Buddha. She, Wu Ah, and Heung Ngan are satisfied.
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