Dad Got Grounded
Dad Got Grounded


Paul is living the dream. He’s a pilot who gets to fly across the globe, and at home, his beautiful younger wife Susan waits for him. The only catch: he promised to retire early and take care of their 4-year-old son Franz. But when he breaks his word, Susan leaves him… alone with Franz. On top of that, the kids from his two previous marriages appear on his doorstep: lovesick, morbidly shy 22-year-old Jonas, and Tabea, a teenager in trouble. His kids make him face the dire truth: he’s a bad dad. Now, Paul has one week to show he’s capable of being a father, or Susan won’t come back. When Paul reluctantly shows his kids how much he loves them, they finally bond! But is that enough to win Susan back? - BetaFilm
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