Ein Sommer in der Bretagne
Ein Sommer in der Bretagne


Veterinarian Britta has recently separated from her boyfriend and is open to a new beginning, preferably in Brittany, where she spends the summer vacation with a befriend couple. After a rain shower, she unexpectedly stumbles upon her idyllic dream house, only to run over the fisherman Yves with her bike in her blissfulness. Unfortunately, Yves also wants to buy the house that is up for sale in an anonymous bidding process. He and his father can no longer make a living from fishing, and he wants to build up a second source of income in the form of holiday apartments. The empty neighboring house would be ideal for this. At first, Yves finds Britta more annoying than nice. But she gains ground with her fearless and positive nature. When Yves finds out who his opponent in the bidding process is, he tries to badmouth his beautiful home area in presence of the German doctor. Everything would be so much easier if it weren't for those darn feelings. House or love, that is the question now.
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