Four Balloons and a Funeral
Four Balloons and a Funeral


Florist Gwen is an employee in a flower wholesaler and is ensnared by her likable boss Joey, which the young woman does not mind. They both start an affair. The relationship with her constantly frustrated and stressful mother, Ellen, doesn't look that rosy. Thankfully, there is still her life partner Ron, the down-to-earth calm anchor of the family. While delivering flowers to the cemetery, Gwen falls into an open grave and passes out. When she wakes up again, an attractive and caring man bends over her. It is emergency doctor Lennard, a single widower with a lively teenage daughter whose wife was killed in a traffic accident a year ago. An ex-employee of her flower shop was then convicted. However, the circumstances remain mysterious. When the flower seller find out about this, she initially keep at distance. But then Gwen finds a red balloon in the garden with a message from the doctor's daughter Lilly to her dead mother, who breaks her heart, because she is a half-orphan herself.
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