Zero - Sie wissen, was Du tust
Zero - Sie wissen, was Du tust


Berlin in the near future: A secret meeting takes place between a board member of the dominant internet company "Freemee" and members of the government. Camera drones film it unauthorized and document the events live on the Internet. The anonymous net activist group "Zero" is publicly committed to the media attack. Online journalist Cynthia Bonsant, widow and single mother, has been asked to do background research on "Zero" by the head of the online magazine "Daily". The group is classified as a terrorist organization, but according to their own statements they fight the excessive influence on the population through the so-called "Act App", which contoles the lives of users. When a friend of Cynthia's 17-year-old daughter Viola is shot dead in a hunt for a criminal, "Zero" contacts her and tries to recruit her for their own purposes. In the meantime, Cynthia has bad suspicions during her research, because soon a new version of the app will be released that will change everything.
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