Bibi & Tina - Einfach anders
Bibi & Tina - Einfach anders


Bibi and Tina welcome three new vacation guests to Martinshof. They call themselves Disturber, Silence and Spooky and they are simply different: Silence doesn't speak, Spooky believes in aliens and Disturber declares war on Bibi. She will drive the laughter out of Bibi! Disturber's mistrust even drives her into the arms of the mysterious V. Arscher, who is waging an elaborate campaign of revenge against Count Falko. The excitement caused by a meteorite shower from outer space is just what they need and they panic the whole of Falkenstein. No one can be sure anymore! But he hasn't reckoned with Bibi and Tina and their new friends, who aren't fooled.
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