İnsanları Seveceksin
İnsanları Seveceksin


Halil is a teenage boy, son of a poor porter, and sees him dying when serving a man without compassion. Halil keeps on with father's work, to pay for his younger brother and their old mother food and shelter in a slum. Then, the horse that pulled the chariot dies, and Khalil goes on, taking the animal's place. A rich man tries to kill another, and pays Halil to pick up the revolver, and take the blame - going to prison instead of him. Halil accepts, and takes the money to his mother. In prison, Halil grows up as a rowdy man. Later, fate will bring the two brothers together, but in opposite sides of the law: Halil is a paid assassin, and his brother is a public prosecutor. When the Mafia pays Halil to kill his own brother, he refuses - and the Mafia retaliates by killing his wife. Halil vows to revenge her.
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