Fang Bingbing, who was obsessed with martial arts from childhood, was given a secret martial arts book by chance and has since become a "hutong bully". After winning the championship, he tries to enter an international Muay Thai competition, but he is instantly KO'd in the audition. Once a culinary god, Papa Mo is betrayed by his partners, his business fails, he loses his sense of taste, becomes destitute, owes huge amounts of money to loan sharks and spends his days getting drunk with alcohol. To encourage his father to reclaim his former culinary glory, Mal sets out to help him regain his confidence. To help his father and daughter, who are kind enough to take him in, Fang Bingbing reveals his "gift" of having a special sense of taste. Thus begins a hilarious and inspirational comedy about a kung fu fighter with martial arts dreams and a Thai culinary god who turns his life around to reach the top
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