Pitcher and the Pin-Up
Pitcher and the Pin-Up


Growing up in Las Vegas, Danny and Melissa meet at age eight and are destined to become life-long friends. During their teen years, they cling to each other for love and security, but as they grow older, their lives take different paths. Danny fills the void in his heart with his passion and love for America's favorite pastime. Melissa, filled with the insecurities of her youth, struggles to find the strength to pursue her childhood dreams. Although apart, their lives are forever connected. Like a glorious seven-game world series, "Pitcher and the Pin-Up" is a story of imperishable hope, courage, faith, love, and coming home.
Corinna Harney
Corinna Harney
Melissa Curtis (as Corinna Harney-Jones)
Drew Johnson
Danny Foster
David A. Burr
Paul Ford (as David Alan Burr)
Ashleigh Synder
Young Melissa Curtis
Ryan Sparks
Young Danny Foster
Brittan Camden
Bully 1
Stephen Retchless
Bully 2
Chris Stanley
Radio Voice (voice)
Jake Torem
D.J. Voice (voice)
Donald Turner
John Thomas
Michael Shapiro
Robert Blomstrom
Guy in Car with Joey
John Saxon
John Saxon
Michael Curtis
Colin Ward
Cop 1
Gregory Hamm
Cop 2
Carole Vakanas
Aunt Judy
Emerald Rachael Godfrey
Rachel (as Emerald Godfrey)
Debbie McLeod
Debbie McLeod
Karen Foster
Darin Kuhlmann
TV Baseball Announcer
David Giammarco
Canadian Scout
Ibrahim Muhammad
Young John Thomas
Jerry Ludlam
Little League Ump
Dominic Cherico
Donna Baldwin
Carole Curtis
Ethel Robins Richards
High School Teacher
Dave Brinkley
Eulogy V.O. (voice) (as Pastor Dave Brinkley)
Corey Page
Corey Page
Vince Taylor
Leonard Gainey
High School Ump
Paul Burr
High School Coach
Randy Sutton
Joe (as Randy L. Sutton)
Jason Barbera
Joseph Barbera
Joseph Barbera
Stephen Bishop
Stephen Bishop
Tyrell Hunt
Bo Hopkins
Bo Hopkins
Coach Stangel
Michael Quill
Coach Fisk
Tom Westbrook
Jeff Walker
Lamont Holmes
Lamont Jordon
David Osokow
Casey Schwartzmann (as Dave Osokow)
Stan Morse
Carlos Rodriguez
Mark Parrish
Mark Parrish
Rob Martinez
Mark Herscovitz
Stadium Announcer
Marisol Nichols
Marisol Nichols
Daphnée Duplaix Samuel
Daphnée Duplaix Samuel
BoJesse Christopher
BoJesse Christopher
Wilford Brimley
Wilford Brimley
Coach Weaver
Paul Kent
Coach Dale
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