Short Circuits
Short Circuits


Matea is a twelve-year-old whiner who hopes her birthday party will make her more popular at school. Nera is a girl at a crossroads in life. An incident in front of a shopping mall could give her a new perspective on things. Miran is a new husband, son-in-law, and a father-to-be who is simply trying to move his things to a new apartment with the help of neighbors who start giving him a hard time. Three neighbors on the verge of a breakdown on a winter's night.
Marija Piliškić
Matea (segment "Rođendan")
Daria Lorenci Flatz
Daria Lorenci Flatz
Mama (segment "Rođendan")
Rakan Rushaidat
Tata (segment "Rođendan")
Krešimir Mikić
Krešimir Mikić
Marko (segment "Rođendan")
Nika Burđelez
Prodavačica (segment "Rođendan")
Matej Pek
Vedran (segment "Rođendan")
Andrea Rogan
Ela (segment "Rođendan")
Hana Mahuljin
Jelena (segment "Rođendan")
Nina Mileta
Vanda (segment "Rođendan")
Dora Milenović
Anja (segment "Rođendan")
Manuela Bajan
Lada (segment "Rođendan")
Tin Takač
Nino (segment "Rođendan")
Valentin Mabić
Tomislav (segment "Rođendan")
Lidija Penić Grgaš
Marcela (segment "Rođendan")
Paula Bogović
Ivona (segment "Rođendan")
Fran Vuger
Nikola (segment "Rođendan")
Marko Cindrić
Marko Cindrić
Marko (segment "Bomba")
Bojan Navojec
Bojan Navojec
Ante (segment "Bomba")
Mia Biondić
Nera (segment "Bomba")
Damir Šaban
Damir Šaban
Damir (segment "Bomba")
Branka Cvitković
Branka (segment "Bomba")
Karlo Mavračić
Klinac (segment "Bomba")
Alan Katić
Policajac (segment "Bomba")
Ivan Glowatzky
Marko (segment "Podstanar")
Karla Brbić
Sonja (segment "Podstanar")
Ozren Grabarić
Drago Rajković (segment "Podstanar")
Boris Miholjević
Krasnić (segment "Podstanar")
Željko Duvnjak
Dr. Puškarić (segment "Podstanar")
Filip Radoš
Glamuzina (segment "Podstanar")
Janko Popović Volarić
Janko Popović Volarić
Naser (segment "Podstanar")
Miraj Grbić
Miraj Grbić
Ahmet (segment "Podstanar")
Stjepan Perić
Stjepan Perić
Karmen Sunčana Lovrić
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