Huckleberry Finn
Huckleberry Finn


Huckleberry Finn is a 15-year-old boy who has had a difficult relationship with his often violent father for a long time. When Dad tried to kidnap him, Huck decides to run away from home, and heads out of town on a raft. Huck is soon joined by Jim, a runaway slave who is no more eager to see his master than Huck is to see his father. As the two friends make their way down the Mississippi, they're faced with a variety of challenges and adventures.
Jeff East
Jeff East
Huckleberry Finn
Paul Winfield
Paul Winfield
Harvey Korman
Harvey Korman
The King
David Wayne
David Wayne
The Duke
Arthur O'Connell
Arthur O'Connell
Col. Grangerford
Gary Merrill
Gary Merrill
Natalie Trundy
Natalie Trundy
Mrs. Loftus
Lucille Benson
Lucille Benson
Widder Douglas
Kim O’Brien
Maryjane Wilks
Jean Fay
Susan Wilks
Ruby Leftwich
Miss Watson
Odessa Cleveland
Jim’s wife
Joe Boris
Danny Lantrip
Van Bennett
Linda Watkins
Linda Watkins
Mrs. Grangerford
Jean Combs
Miss Emmeline
Francis Fawcett
Miss Charlotte
Suzanne Prystup
Miss Maryanne
H.L. Rowley
Doris Owens
Frank Mills
Sherree Sinquefield
Miss Sophia
R. Norwood Smith
1st Hunter
Jack Millstein
2nd Hunter
Morris Denton
Riverboat Captain
Larry Ferney
Man #1 At Theater
Albert Schilling
Man #2 At Theater
Clayton Starling
Big Man At Theater
Rex Commack
George Prescott
Man #3 At Jackson's Landing
Hoskins Deterly
Lot Hovey
Elliott Trimble
Uncle Harvey
Mrs. James Torrey
1st Woman At Auction
Rose Pansano
2nd Woman At Auction
John Schwartzman
Boy At Auction
Forrest Colebank
Abner Shackleford
Charles C. Burns
Pat O'Connor
Guard #1
Gray Montgomery
Guard #2
Sam Blackmon
Guard #3
Ron Wright
Roughman #1
Louis Wentworth III
Roughman #2
Andrew Knight
Roughman #3
Orville Meyer
Tomkins - Blacksmith
Kenneth Wannberg
Piano Player
Seth Allan Scott
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