Aadi Mimansa
Aadi Mimansa


Aadi Mimansa is the story of two feuding families located at the edge of a tranquil small town in Odisha. It brings in to focus the struggles, aspirations and the tragedies of two friends, Arakhita Babu and Khetrapal Babu, placed at the opposite ends of the caste hierarchy. Though Arakhita Babu is a brahmin and Khetrapal Babu is from a low caste, they share a dilapidated house as tenants. Their friendship transcends the caste, culture and language divide. But the seeds of discord is sown by an old Brahmin woman who poisons the mind of Arakhita Babu's wife against Khetapal’s wife regarding a clogged waste pipe. The discord between the two families becomes intense so mich so that the families stop talking to each other. Khetrapal Babu decides to vacate the place. However, the solution to their problems comes from the most unexpected quarters and harmony is finally restored.
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