Refund My Loan
Refund My Loan


A play that revolves around an Egyptian young man from a simple family called (students), who worked since his childhood as a guard for an oriental dancer called (Habiba), then worked as a guard for the American embassy, ​​to collect 30 thousand pounds for the dowry he will give to the famous businessman (Shawkat) to marry his younger sister and colleague In the college (Basant), and throughout that period he deposited the money in trust with his father, but when he collected the required amount he was surprised by his austere and stingy father refusing to give it to him, so he has to borrow from a bank managed by (Tawfiq) friend (Shawkat) an amount of 19 thousand pounds, but he is surprised Later that the director made him sign a payment amount of 25 thousand pounds, so he was unable to pay it, and because of that he kidnapped his infant son (my country).
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