Law enforcement officers Adam Mitchell, Nathan Hayes, and their partners stand up to the worst the streets have to offer with confidence and focus. Yet at the end of the day, they face a challenge that none of them are truly prepared to tackle: fatherhood. They know that God desires to turn the hearts of fathers to their children, but their children are beginning to drift further and further away from them. When tragedy hits home, these men are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, their faith, and their fathering. Can a newfound urgency help these dads draw closer to God... and to their children?
    2h 9min
    TriStar Pictures, Provident Films, Affirm Films, Sherwood Pictures
Ken Bevel
Ken Bevel
Nathan Hayes
Alex Kendrick
Alex Kendrick
Adam Mitchell
Kevin Downes
Kevin Downes
Shane Fuller
Renee Jewell
Victoria Mitchell
Rusty Martin
Dylan Mitchell
Lauren Etchells
Emily Mitchell
Ben Davies
Ben Davies
David Thomson
Robert Amaya
Robert Amaya
Javier Martinez
Angelita Nelson
Carmen Martinez
Taylor Hutcherson
Jade Hayes
Eleanor Brown
Kayla Hayes
T.C. Stallings
T.C. Stallings
Matt Hardwick
Kaleb Bevel
Baby Hayes
Ashley Mclearn
Lady 1 at Wreck
Amberly Marquard
Lady 2 at Wreck
Bryan Barnes
Ambulance Driver
Kristi Cheshire
Ambulance Driver
Chad Warbington
Medic 1
Emily Zapata
Medic 2
Chuck Mitchell
Medic 3
Chuck Spencer
Medic 4
Joy Spencer
Medic 5
Ramona Higgs
Medic 6
Daniel Wilbanks
Medic 7
Stephen Ostrander
Muster Room Sgt.
Mark Glow
Charles Hill
Sheriff's Deputy 1
Travius Reed
Sheriff's Deputy 2
Logan Dorminey
Sheriff's Deputy 3
Lonnie Mathis
Sheriff's Deputy 4
Jason Miller
Sheriff's Deputy 5
Chad Evans
Sheriff's Deputy 6
Brian Phillips
Sheriff's Deputy 7
Kevin Taylor
Sheriff's Deputy 8
Dwan Williams
Sheriff's Deputy 9
Ovbiye Idemundia
Sheriff's Deputy 10
Brent Griffin
Sheriff's Deputy 11
Garrett Grubbs
Sheriff's Deputy 12
Dennis Hill
Sheriff's Deputy 13
Renata Williams
Woman at Drug House
Ryan Canidate
Kid in Attic
Jose Rodriguez
Jamar Holloman
Louis Guillebeaux
Clyde Holloman
Steve Cox
Construction Worker 1
Roger Russell
Construction Worker 2
Brett Kirkland
Mr. Simms
Ellie Zapata
Isabel Martinez
Evan Zapata
Marcos Martinez
Christian Dozier
Jordan Hayes
Mark Walker
Construction Boss
David Roberts
Man Shoveling
Zachary Hutcherson
Kid at Window 1
Micah Hutcherson
Kid at Window 2
William Dozier
Kid at Window 3
Donald Howze
Coleman Bailey
Gang Member 1
Jacob Rodriguez
Gang Member 2
Brenan Williams
Gang Member 3
E. Darren Akins
Gang Member 4
Jaleel Horry
Gang Member 5
Terrance Burnette
Gang Member 6
Derinique Daniel
Gang Member 7
Donatavious Brown
Gang Member 8
Montrell King
Gang Member 9
Phillips English
Gang Member 10
Amber Dominique
Waitress 1
Katie Willard
Waitress 2
Anna Sanders
Waitress 3
Troy Kimsey
ER Doctor
Bethany Kimsey
Nurse 1
Debbie Glow
Nurse 2
Kamy Lawson
Nurse 3
Toni Smith
Nurse 4
Cathy Loudenbarger
Nurse 5
Cheryl Douglass
Adam's Mother
Bill Douglass
Adam's Father
Becky Williams
Victoria's Mother
Steve Williams
Victoria's Father
Jessa Seewald
Jessa Seewald
Girl at Funeral
Joy-Anna Forsyth
Joy-Anna Forsyth
Crying Girl at Funeral
Lauren Atkins
Older Emily
Marie Keefe
Bridesmaid 1
Macy Mager
Bridesmaid 2
Faith Atkins
Bridesmaid 3
Courtney Carter
Bridesmaid 4
Ed Litton
Pastor Rogers
J. Craig Dodd
Captain at Drug Bust
Brandon Morgan
Arrested Teen 1
Joshoua Mattox
Arrested Teen 2
Damien Horne
Arrested Man in Car
Alan William Brock
Gun Range Instructor
Amy Wooten
Gun Range Assistant
Joshua Kendrick
Tyler Fuller
Daniel Simmons
William Barrett
Marie Anna McWilliams
Karis Kendrick
Bobby Boone
Messenger in Factory
Rusty Martin Sr.
Rusty Martin Sr.
Mr. Tyson
Dennis Erickson
Luke Bowers
Evidence Room Sergeant
David Milliner
Sergeant Murphy
Dan Howell
Courtroom Sergeant
Scott Dawson
Arresting Investigator
Dee Kelley
Shane's Ex Wife Mia
Robin Bushnell
Coffee Shop Worker
Peter Sharber
Coffee Shop Man
Bill Shafer
Head Waiter
W. Alicia Garcia
Woman at Restuarant
Tasha Milliner
Prison Guard
Meyer Gotlieb
Man in Hallway
Jim Broyden
Man Driving Truck
Joi Hutcherson
Little Girl in Yard
Vincent Hutcherson
Father at Tree House
Mark Willard
Mark Willard
Sheriff's Deputy 14
James Byrd
Sheriff's Deputy 15
Jason Benham
Sheriff's Deputy 16
David Benham
Sheriff's Deputy 17
Mike Peachey
Sheriff's Deputy 18
Fred Broom
Sheriff's Deputy 19
Chris Ponte
Sheriff's Deputy 20
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