Black Rainbow
Black Rainbow


Martha Travis is a medium who makes contact with spirits "on the other side" and connects them with their loved ones still alive, in public performances. Trouble begins when she gives a message to Mary Kuron from her husband, Tom. But Tom isn't dead... yet. And Martha not only knows he will die, she also knows who killed him. And the murderer knows she knows...
Rosanna Arquette
Rosanna Arquette
Martha Travis
Jason Robards
Jason Robards
Walter Travis
Tom Hulce
Tom Hulce
Gary Wallace
Mark Joy
Mark Joy
Lloyd Harley
Ron Rosenthal
Lieutenant Irving Weinberg
John Bennes
John Bennes
Ted Silas
Linda Pierce
Mary Kuron
Olek Krupa
Olek Krupa
Tom Kuron
Marty Terry
Mrs. Adams
Ed Grady
Editor, Geoff McBain
Jon Thompson
Jack Callow
Helen Baldwin
Eva Callow
Darla N. Warner
Shirley Harley
Christopher L. Gray
Lucy Williams
Peter Townes
President Hotel, Clerk
Dan Cox
Terminal Hotel, Clerk
William Brown
Hal Faber
Rick Warner
Editor, Jay Chatwin
Dandy Stevenson
Mrs. Koestler
Rebecca Riley Hogan
Mrs. Anderson
Georgia Allen
Mrs. Jamais
Brenda Mitchell
Mrs. Dupont
Princess Wilson
Mrs. Kimbler
Mert Hatfield
Mike Braddon
Wallace Merck
Officer Munroe
Mary Ratliff
Eunice Dole
Ed Lillard
Pastor on Train
Judy Simpson Cook
Judy Simpson Cook
Rachel Sachs
Willie Stratford
Railroad Steward
Kay Joiner
Mrs. Prior
Elijah Christopher Perry
Bud Orwell
Muse Watson
Muse Watson
Police Officer
Herbert Eley
Janelle Cochrane
Airline Clerk
Joe Inscoe
Joe Inscoe
Airline Clerk No. 2
Joyce Bowden
Nurse Shelly
George Hart
Plainclothed Detective
Ivan Green
James G. Martin Jr.
Hotel Night Clerk
Tate Gardner
Larry Harley
Christina Taylor
Lilly Harley
Jeffrey Taylor
Mike Harley
Corbin Gurkin
Cindy Harley
Kathleen Williams
Audience Member
Joe Maggard
Audience Member
Mary Moore
Audience Member
Anna Morris
Audience Member
Dale Wright
Audience Member
Chuck Kinlaw
TV Reporter (uncredited)
Andy Mottesheard
Airline Customer (uncredited)
Rick Stowe
College Student (uncredited)
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