Abhimanyu (Shobhan Babu) is an honest IPS officer who arrests an international mafia don smuggler Vyaghra (Amrish Puri), but Vyaghra somehow escapes from the prison. Kiriti (Nandamuri Balakrishna) is a pilot younger brother of Abhimanyu. With his brother's help; Abhimanyu kills Vyaghra. Then it is revealed that the person who has died is Anil Vyaghra who has a twin brother Sunil Vyaghra (also Amrish Puri) who owes to take revenge on the 2 brothers who are responsible for his brother's death. Anil Vyaghra proves that Abhimanyu is a corrupt officer, and has killed an honest man. Abhimanyu is arrested and he not able withstand the injustice, so he commits suicide. After that they inject poison in Kireeti's body and plan bomb blasts across India. Kireeti somehow stops the blasts from happening and kills all the baddie.
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