Patton: A Tribute to Franklin J. Schaffner
Patton: A Tribute to Franklin J. Schaffner


Almost everyone who worked with director Franklin J. Schaeffer on the film is interviewed here, including George C. Scott (this piece was done before he died in 1999) and they all seem to unanimously agree that he was a complete and total gentleman to work with. Oliver Stone shows up here to give us his thoughts on the film and accuse it for being in some part responsible for the bombing of Cambodia, which is an interesting theory if perhaps a little misguided (he claims that Nixon was so influenced by Patton that it resulted in his decision to launch that first attack which in turn resulted in the bombing). Other interviewees in this piece include Richard Zanuck, Jerry Goldsmith, Fred Koenekamp, Franklin J. Schaeffer himself, and the film's producer, Frank McCarthy. The interviews are nicely complimented by some behind the scenes clips as well as a small assortment of camera tests.
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