Our Forty Years
Our Forty Years


In 1978, Bao Zhenjiang graduated from Kaifeng Xiqu School of Drama. The school's graduation repertoire was "Bao Longtu". Just before graduation, his best friend Jin Hong was injured and could not play. Forty years later, Bao Zhenjiang and Li Yixiang embarked on the road to the United States and sang the "Bao Long Tu" of the year at the Times Square in the United States with the students of the drama school. Chen Shan lives by opening an ancestral beef soup shop. The shop is not big, there are only two guys, and the location is deep in the alley. Most of the customers are mainly the old neighborhoods. Beef soup tastes pure and is very popular among customers. Chen Shan and his son Chen Qingfeng have a deep gap. When his son returned home to commemorate his mother's third anniversary, the conflict between father and son finally broke out.
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