Erotic Short Circuits Vol.3
Erotic Short Circuits Vol.3


Stringimi Forte I Polsi: When working in a doctor's office, afternoons do not seem to pass badly. But an imaginative secretary spends her time in solitary and bizarre erotic games. Meanwhile, the doctor treats a very young and mysterious patient who seems to like much more carnal attention than professional ones. And the surprises are not over yet... La Coccinella: And on Sunday afternoon, it's hot and the city is deserted. A beautiful woman, married without children, meets a sperm donor. The man invited by the couple is greatly embarrassed because he fails in his task. After waiting and trying, the lady moves on to direct action... S.C.T.M.V.: A ghost eye spies on her. A ritual begins, the woman puts on makeup, shaves, prepares to do what perhaps her man told her to do. A bowl of milk, a white linen shirt, a razor sharp red nail polish, white milk inside his mouth. A shower drips on her... And eroticism explodes.
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