A Sedan
A Sedan


Shen Dongxue, Shen Lele, and grandma grew up. I heard grandma said that their parents made a lot of money outside, and after a while their parents would drive home to pick them up for a better life. The children's expectations were extremely high, but the parents did not return. So Dong Xue began to take Lele to find the truth-Father Shen Xinzhi borrowed countless debts because of the failure of the investment, and could only live on construction sites as a construction worker. His mother Chen Fengling hooked up a lot of money at the club, hoping to get rid of the current dilemma. Chen Fengling betrayed Mr. Wang by betraying his body and hue. Mr. Wang gave Chen Fengling a stable life. However, after Shen Xinzhi learned everything, he did not find Chen Fengling's theory, but took the proof of their secret love directly to blackmail Mr. Wang.
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