Tenderness for the Roaring Beast
Tenderness for the Roaring Beast


Based on the novel of the same name by A. Bakhvalov. The plot is based on a story-interview about the testing of the new strategic missile carrier Tu-22K and Tu-22M2/M3 (for well-known reasons, in close-ups, instead of them, the film shot the then less secret Tu-134 UBL - a combat training laboratory) and the tragic events associated with them, given to journalist Odintsov by test pilot Borovsky. Testing of a new jet aircraft, the psychology of human life, the problems and joys of life of pilots - all this is closely intertwined in the film. The heroes of the film - friends test pilots Dolotov and Sanin - have walked together all their lives. But it so happened that one of them, Dolotov, was once unfairly suspended from flying, while Sanin failed to protect and support his friend. Friends' paths diverged...
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