Life is a Moment Story
Life is a Moment Story


In 2035, 6262 accidentally broke into the time tunnel and returned to the world 50 years ago. When he was awake, he saw Fang Zhongxin's knowledge in 1987. In order to avoid the doubt of the party, she said that her name was Lu Yi and she stayed home temporarily. In the future world, Lu Yi, who has always been in disgust with her husband, was fond of him by the emotional sentiments of Fang Zhongxin. At the same time, in 1987, when Lu Yi’s mother was orphaned, Lu Yi was required to resolve the friendship with CITIC, and to take care of his young mother, but also to find a way to return to his own time and space. Lu Yi told her life experience that Fang agreed to find a scientist for her to help her go back.
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