Sir Noface
Sir Noface


Award-Winning Filmmaker Chad Calek’s “SIR NOFACE” documentary chronicles the bizarre events reported on Sydney Harbour’s Cockatoo Island and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the only known paranormal investigation in history to be officially sanctioned by the Australian Government. Led by civilian investigator Craig Powell and the West Sydney Paranormal Research Team (W.S.P.R.), this mind-bending investigation would last in secrecy for nearly two years, which in addition to experiencing groundbreaking levels of paranormal activity, Powell and his W.S.P.R. team members were successful in filming countless events that defy all known rationale and scientific explanation, including the first ever verifiable footage of a full-body apparition the definitively proves the existence of ghosts. As the “must see” documentary for both skeptics and believers, SIR NOFACE is the single most important paranormal case ever documented and presented to the public.
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