Callboys - Jede Lust hat ihren Preis
Callboys - Jede Lust hat ihren Preis


A scary serial killer is around: he cuts off young women's tongues. Commissioner Michelle Eisner notes striking similarities between the three victims so far: They were customers of the "loverboys". Behind this is a callboy ring, which also includes the attractive and inscrutable Lanou. Michelle reluctantly accepts the help of the experienced police psychologist Busch to clarify the case. He is a master at thinking his way into the psyche of the perpetrator. The main suspect for him is call boy Lanou. This suspicion is supported by the tabloid reporter Eva Hellmann, who is also researching the series of murders. While Michelle's environment became more and more vehement on LanousIf arrest is urgent, she is less and less able to evade his erotic charisma.
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