Rosamunde Pilcher: Wahlversprechen und andere Lügen
Rosamunde Pilcher: Wahlversprechen und andere Lügen


Abbey Norton, daughter of a wealthy British family, and Greg Dukakis, son of Greek immigrants, who have wanted nothing more to do with each other since their messy break-up, meet again as rival candidates for the House of Commons election in the same constituency. As if that wasn't punishment enough, Abbey's mother and Greg's father reveal to the perplexed ex-couple that they are getting married. After the death of Leo's wife, the conservative, aristocratic Gwen and the Greek immigrant met and fell in love in a choir. Gwen and Leo's wedding would turn their estranged ex-partners into stepsiblings. An idea that deeply displeases both of them, as they have not yet overcome the injuries they inflicted on each other when they separated. Abbey and Greg try to talk their parents out of the wedding by any means necessary.
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