Mad Stylist
Mad Stylist


Wong Hei is Dee, a nice guy who was pushed around as a kid. Back then he had a compatriot in May, who protected him by threatening other kids with her predilection for cutting up animals. Years later, Dee tries to become a hair stylist, but he just can't get it right. He trembles, messes up, and loses jobs. Furthermore, his mean co-workers pick on him. One day, when he gets framed for messing up, May shows up again, except now she looks like Hilary Tsui. The two find that their special bond remains, and then they go and kill people. Dee kills and dismembers the bodies, but not before coiffing them up with his latest Dennis Rodman 'do. One day, a retarded girl (Annie Man) witnesses Dee disposing of a body. He's instructed by May to off the girl, but he ends up taking a liking to her. It seems that he sympathizes with her vulnerability. May doesn't feel the same and you can see this conflict coming a mile away. Michael Wong and Kent Cheng are the cops who try to crack the case.
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