The Wall-Passer
The Wall-Passer


In the not-too distant future, 17 year-old Tye and his family move to the burgeoning metropolis of Real City, where, bored with classes, he spends his time daydreaming until one day he finds a magic stone that allows him to pass through walls. On a field trip to a museum, Tye meets NoNo, a deaf girl with bionic ears who is working as a museum docent. The two grow closer, until Tye discovers she has a boyfriend and demands she chooses between them. NoNo tells him to come and see her again in twenty years and then disappears from his life, leaving him only with a photo of her in front of a signpost saying Elsewhere. Tye uses the magic stone to go to Elsewhere, but he discovers a desolate world full of discarded things, among them an attractive blind girl, Ya-hung. Two worlds, two realities, two girls, what will Tye’s choice be ?
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