Hochzeit in Rom
Hochzeit in Rom


On business trip in Milan, Bavarian architect Max Hauser falls in love with strong-willed waitress Bianca, who is fired for speaking up to his rude colleagues. When he proposes, she runs, but he traces her to Rome, where he finds she's actually the multi-titled rebellious daughter of impoverished prince and count Vibaldo D'Arcadia and his snobbish silver spoon wife Gioia, who inhabit a stunning but slowly derelict renaissance palace. When Max asks for her hand, she hastily accepts, and after getting the matriarchal blessing of the countess-mother Donna Costanza, Max invites his parents, egalitarian dentist Walter Hauser and wine merchant Eva and Zahnarzt to attend his socialite wedding. Max is not amused to find his father cornered by his mistress, flight attendant Xenia who demands Waleter's divorce, a secret they will painfully fail to keep under control, yet the parents refuse to spoil their son's wedding, but the palatial maid gets wind of half the story and confides into the ...
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