1500 Steps
1500 Steps


1500 Steps is a transforming journey towards self-belief and brilliance. a cross between Chariots of Fire and The Karate Kid, this high school drama is set in the beautiful, Sydney, beach suburb of Cronulla. Jonas "Jobe" O'Brien, a homely, sixteen year old boy, lives in a struggling single parent family. His mother dead, his father is an alcoholic, who was once a champion runner. Jobe, a misfit and loner, has inherited his father's athletic ability and love for running. After a fatal mistake at a party, Jobe seeks revenge against the perpetrator, as an emotion and power wells within him that he has never experienced before. A retired ex-Olympian, Harry White, sets about mentoring his athletic ability when by chance he sees Jobe run. It is now up to Harry White to encourage Jobe to dig deep and decide what type of man he wants to become. A touching coming of age story.
    1h 38min
    Earl Street Pictures, Little Biddy Pictures
Alex Fechine
Jonas O'Brien
Laura Jane Benson
Grace Glorious
Jack Matthews
Damon Dundas
Lianne Mackessy
Rebecca Dundas
Adam Dear
Samuel Mcloughlin
Dave Proust
Neil O'Brien
Keith Thomas
Keith Thomas
Harry White
Richard Carwin
Tony Walker
Colin Defries
Principal Benjamin Rigg
Rupa Poria
Ibrahim Dib
Alfie Gledhill
Issac Johnstone
Vincent Jones Varga
John Freeman
Oliver Harris
Billy Beaudecker
Dave White
Mitch Martin
Joel Hogan
Joel Hogan
Jorge Sutton
Diab Metry
Callum Smith
Eleeza Hooker
Emma Keith
Amara Picke
Chantelle James
Rebecca Clay
Rebecca Clay
Elizabeth Brooker
Maurine Gibbons
Mary O'Brien
Tara Jay
Dr. Redgrave
Brad Weightman
Ron Smith
Josh Reid
Pete Simpson
Martin Curtis
Hobo Smith
Quentin Armstrong
Teenager 1
Michaela Swarmy
Olivia Janic
Christian Redy
Jarred Freeman
Isaac Bradley
Thomas Kickett
Meg MacIntosh
Meg MacIntosh
Grace's Mum
Peter Cameron
Jonathon Wickett
Andrew Gibbons
Grace's Dad
Sofia Heszterenyiova
Veronika Heszterenyiova
Samuel's girlfriend
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