The Unknown Trilogy
The Unknown Trilogy


Somewhere, between the boundaries of life and death, lays the darkest places in the human heart. In these dimly lit recesses crouch fears older than mankind itself. Yet only by visiting this netherworld from time to time can we hope to unearth what lurks just beyond the grasp of our imaginations. The Unknown Trilogy dares to navigate these shadowy passages in three chilling tales that will make you glad you decided to come along for the ride...
Sal Mazzotta
Frankie the Squirrel / James Patullo
David Proval
David Proval
Lucky Smith (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
Anne McDaniels
Anne McDaniels
Misty (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
Abe Vigoda
Abe Vigoda
Uncle Morty (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
Johnny Williams
Johnny Williams
Tanner (segment "Frankie the Squirrel") (as Johnny 'Roastbeef' Williams)
Chuck Astoria
Rocco (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
Linda Axelrod
Belle (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
William DaRuffa
Nicky (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
Kelly Dansky
Kaye (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
Richard Hidlebird
Richard Hidlebird
Reggie (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
Matt Storm
Bruno (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
Justin Guarini
Justin Guarini
Keith (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
Michelle Gracie
Woman at Roulette Table (segment "Frankie the Squirrel") (as Michelle Graci)
L.K. Brown
Man at Roulette Table (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
Freddie Ganno
Bouncer #1 (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
Vinny Pecora
Bouncer #2 (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
Jack Hoffman
Jimmy the Night Manager (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
Tony Luke Jr.
Tony Luke Jr.
Tony (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
David Palmieri
Dealer #1 (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
John Benjamin Martin
Dealer #2 (segment "Frankie the Squirrel") (as John Benjaman Martin)
Missy Moyer
Photographer (segment "Frankie the Squirrel")
Angie Everhart
Angie Everhart
Donna Patullo
Chad Stansbury
Crazy Driver (uncredited)
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