Dreams of the Strong
Dreams of the Strong


Il-bong was utterly defeated as a wrestling athlete. He decides against returning to his hometown and stays in Seoul. As he wanders the street, going from job to job, someone recommends him to become an actor. But the acting roles that are waiting Il-bong are in adult movies. At the set, Il-bong meets Ae-ja and falls in love with her. They give up the adult films and Ae-ja gets pregnant. Because they are desperately poor, Ae-ja has a miscarriage and Il-bong curses his incompetence. The two decide to part for one year. During that time, Il-bong becomes a male prostitute and makes a ferocious amount of money. But he has become tough without realizing it. After the year is over, Il-bong goes to their promised meeting place but Ae-ja is nowhere to be seen. Il-bong wails to the city.
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