The Rhapsody
The Rhapsody


One stormy night,ADD(the Agency for Defense Development)is robbed of Korea's top secret files. The MND(Ministry of National Defense)tries to investigate the case, but it appears to be unsolvable. In search of a CD-ROM containing the secret files,authorities direct their focus toward insiders, including Scorpion A-Team, an anti-terrorist squad. KANG Min-sik, second-in-command in the A-Team, is a natural born leader. Although a hard-edged man, he has a soft side for his blind sister Ji-young who lost her sight at infancy. The incident at ADD results in a state of national emergency. Meanwhile, the families of Scorpion A-Team members including Ji-young and Min-sik's mother are murdered by mysterious characters. Ultimately, the full account of the conspiracy is revealed, but one step too late. The A-Team prepares for their ultimate battle during a concert held at the ASEM hall....
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