R.I.P. - Rest in Pieces
R.I.P. - Rest in Pieces


R.I.P. - a lovely splatter movie in 2D. Death is not in best shape. After all, he is a few billion years old. His best days are over. And he is very forgetful. One night he even loses his most important tool: His scythe! The ultimate instrument of evil falls into the hands of Lulu, a nice young girl with some problems. Soon she realizes the power that was given to her. It's payback time. The gangs, the bullies, the Taxmen - everyone gets what they deserve. Or don't they? Anyway, chaos breaks out on earth and in heaven. St. Peter is not amused. Will Death ever see his scythe again? Will Lulu come to her senses? See for yourself in R.I.P. - Rest in Pieces.
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