Norwegian: The late 19th century Christiania (Oslo) could offer a rich variety of entertainment. There were several variety theatres and brothels, and poor women could earn money based on their looks. The beautiful variety actress Lucie (Inger Lise Rypdal) has met a lawyer by the name Gerner (Gösta Ekman), a refined gentleman. Flowers and encounters outside the theatre develops into an erotic relationship. Lucie knows how to play on Gerner's jealousy and masculine pride, and finally she reaches her goal: becoming Mrs Gerner. For Lucie this means climbing the social ladder, but she'll soon notice the problems. Living in the upperclass society keeps reminding her of her poor background and her lack of etiquette. All this affects Gerner in a negative way, who is plagued by jealousy regarding people from Lucie's past. The relationship between the married couple keeps getting worse.
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