Forbidden Worlds establishes itself as the premier purveyor of Horror and Mayhem with a trilogy of gothic tales of demonic possession. (1). The Devil's Spell: Bodies drop in a night of terror as an evil witch comes back to kill the descendants of the witch hunters who burned her...300 years earlier! (2). Witches' Dolls: A literal demon disguised as a sweet little old lady is hell-bent on capturing the souls of unsuspecting boarders and imprisoning them in her hideous book of paper dolls. (3). Resurrection of The Damned: A man haunted by the ghost of his dead father and enticed by black magic enters a world that goes beyond the wildest imagination. (1). "The Devil's Spell" segment begins: (at 0:44) and is an excerpt from the film: "Witchouse (1999)" (2). "Witches Dolls" segment begins: (at 30:42) and is an excerpt from the film: "Stitches (2001)" (3). "Resurrection of The Damned" segment begins: (at 58:07) and is an excerpt from the film: "Netherworld (1992)"
Debra Mayer
Debra Mayer
Ellen Delaney (segment "Witches' Dolls") (archive footage)
Denise Gentile
Denise Gentile
Delores (segment "Resurrection of the Damned") (archive footage)
Elizabeth Ince
Mrs. Albright (segment "Witches' Dolls") (archive footage)
Ariauna Albright
Ariauna Albright
Lilith (segment "The Devil's Spell") (archive footage)
Jason Faunt
Jason Faunt
Bob (segment "The Devil's Spell") (archive footage)
Marissa Tait
Maria (segment "The Devil's Spell") (archive footage)
Robert Donavan
Robert Donavan
Sam Gray (segment "Witches' Dolls") (archive footage)
Maggie Rose Fleck
Kathryn (segment "Witches' Dolls") (archive footage)
Michael Bendetti
Michael Bendetti
Corey Thornton (segment "Resurrection of the Damned") (archive footage)
Anjanette Comer
Anjanette Comer
Mrs. Palmer (segment "Resurrection of the Damned") (archive footage)
Holly Floria
Diane Palmer (segment "Resurrection of the Damned") (archive footage)
Matt Raftery
Monica Serene Garnich
Monica Serene Garnich
Brooke Mueller
Dave Oren Ward
Ashley McKinney
Kimberly Pullis
Dane Northcutt
Dane Northcutt
Ryan Scott Greene
Lindy Bryant
Mrs. Grove
Alex Peabody
Robert Delaney
Kaycee Shank
Miss Lester
Marc Newburger
Will Reynolds
Robert Burr
Beauregard Yates, Esq.
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