The Chungmuro Don Quixote
The Chungmuro Don Quixote


Mass starvation and social disorder is the norm in the wake of the Korean War. Hwa-su works as a gofer at a local theater but dreams of owning one day a theater of his own. As an adult, Hwa-su becomes a protege of powerful businessman Sohn Jong-rok and marries his niece thus becoming an heir to Sohn's business. He takes over the Je-il Theater and re-names it Peace Theater. Achieving his childhood dream is the just the beginning for Hwa-su. He ventures into the world of filmmaking. Meanwhile, crime lord Lee Jeong-jae takes Yu Ji-gwang under his wings and partners with Gwak Young-ju to build his own political clout. But when his ardent supporter Lee Gi-boong loses the vice presidential race, Jeong-jae becomes nervous. Hwa-su, now a man with immense wealth and underworld power approaches Jeong-jae and Ji-gwang to form an uneasy alliance and enter the world of rigged elections and corrupt politics.
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