Lethal Seduction
Lethal Seduction


Someone is killing crime boss Gus Gruman's (Joe Estevez) friends and business associates. Lured into what promises to be a "fun time", the victims are brutally murdered. Detective Trent Jacobson (Chris Mitchum) is obsessed with nailing Gruman for his crimes and solving the grisly homicides with only one unidentified blonde suspect. Gruman's beautiful daughter Mona( Joette Rhodes) is in a relationship with Donny Jacobson, Trent's nephew (David Michie). Donny later finds out she's Gruman's daughter and lies to his uncle about the relationship. Suddenly a gorgeous brunette (Penthouse Pet Of the Year, Julie Strain) meets Donny and he starts a sexual relationship with her. Donny is almost killed when someone sabotages his car and he's hospitalized. As the murders continue, Trent moves in closer to the serial killer and leads to a violent, bloody and explosive shocking climax.
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