Hi-8 (Horror Independent 8)
Hi-8 (Horror Independent 8)


Horror - Segments from eight of the leading indie horror filmmakers including Tim Ritter, Brad Sykes, Donald Farmer, Todd Sheets, Chris Seaver, Ron Bonk, and Marcus Koch. - Vanessa Nocera, Alaine Huntington, Mike Malloy
Danielle Nicole Rosario
Andrea (Segment "No Budget Films Presents...")
Paul K. Richards
Travis Edenton (Segment "No Budget Films Presents...")
Baker Chase Powell
Baker Chase Powell
Brett (Segment "No Budget Films Presents...")
Martin André
The Weirdo (Segment "No Budget Films Presents...")
Ford Windstar
David Rain (Segment "Switchblade Insane")
Kristine Renee Farley
Camille Rain (Segment "Switchblade Insane")
Ava Cronin
Ms. Jesebel (Segment "Switchblade Insane")
Kristin VanHooser
Lina Haze (Segment "Switchblade Insane")
Roni Jonah
Roni Jonah
Mystery Mistress (Segment "Switchblade Insane")
Corin P. Hale
Plastic Wrap Girl/Bloody Victim (Segment "Switchblade Insane")
Kayla Barbour
Jogger/Bloody Victim (Segment "Switchblade Insane")
Melanie Dean
Girl 1 (Segment "A Very Bad Situation")
Olivia Blake
Injured Girl (Segment "A Very Bad Situation")
Kevin La Frazia
Guy With Ax (Segment "A Very Bad Situation")
Thom Farell
Guy 2 (Segment "A Very Bad Situation")
Joel D. Wynkoop
Joel D. Wynkoop
Weatherman (Segment "A Very Bad Situation")
Kristin Avery
Female Reporter (Segment "A Very Bad Situation")
Sean Donohue
Sean Donohue
Radio (voice) (Segment "A Very Bad Situation")
Travis Hoecker
Tim Strauber (Segment "The Tape")
David S. Hart
Chester Koz (Segment "The Tape")
Bobbi Beach
Phoebe (Segment "The Tape")
Mike Burnell
Gary (Segment "The Tape")
Andrea Adams
Tara Sheets (Segment "The Tape")
Wes Reid
RJ "Mongoose" MacReady (Segment "Gang Them Style")
Anne Fitzgerald
Nanna (Segment "Gang Them Style")
L. Thomas Minion
Ben (Segment "Gang Them Style")
Kathy Burke Egloff
Barbra (Segment "Gang Them Style")
Brett Janeski
Harry (Segment "Gang Them Style")
Jay Burris
Tom (Segment "Gang Them Style")
Betsy York
Judy (Segment "Gang Them Style")
Monica Minion
Helen (Segment "Gang Them Style")
Michael Merchant
Fuchs (Segment "Gang Them Style")
David Royal
Childs (Segment "Gang Them Style")
Jennie Russo
Jennie Russo
Blair (Segment "Gang Them Style")
Jody Pucello
Jody Pucello
Norris (Segment "Gang Them Style")
Steve Smith
Community Room Zombie (Segment "Gang Them Style")
Mary Snell
Garage Zombie 1 (Segment "Gang Them Style")
Trey Harrison
Trey Harrison
Garage Zombie 2 (Segment "Gang Them Style")
Jason McCall
The Decimator (Segment "Genre Bending")
Noel Williams
Victim (Segment "Genre Bending")
Billy Garberina
Billy Garberina
Jimmy Van Brunt (Segment "Genre Bending")
Brad Westmar
Magic Matt West (Segment "The Request")
Nicole Santorella
Nicole Santorella
Lillian West (Segment "The Request")
Alaine Huntington
Alaine Huntington
Emily (Segment "Thicker than water")
Mike Malloy
Mike Malloy
Ted (Segment "Thicker than Water")
Vanessa Nocera
Lauren (Segment "Thicker than Water")
Steffie Grote
Steffie Grote
Jackie (Segment "Thicker than Water")
Marlena Swilley
Naomi (Segment "Thicker than Water")
Ashley Andel
Screaming Woman (Segment "Thicker than Water")
BJ Lawrence
Beach Hero (Segment "Thicker than Water")
Aiden Crain
Child on Beach 1 (Segment "Thicker than Water")
Hunter Meyer
Child on Beach 2 (Segment "Thicker than Water")
Alexis Codding
Alexis Codding
Madison (Segment "The Scout")
Mark Sadr
Adrian (Segment "The Scout")
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