The Ventures of Marguerite
The Ventures of Marguerite


As heiress to a large fortune, Marguerite is able to satisfy her love for beautiful clothes and a taste for adventure, while confronted by a multitude of schemers and gangsters bent on reducing her to poverty.
Marguerite Courtot
Marguerite Courtot
Richard Purdon
Peter Enright
Edward Roseman
Edward Roseman
Ferris - a Broker (as E.T. Roseman)
Bradley Barker
Bradley Barker
Hal Worth [Ch. 5] / Bob Winters [Ch. 6-16]
William Sherwood
Rudolph [Ch. 6]
Paula Sherman
Edwin Brandt
Dangler - an Adventurer [Ch. 7]
Julia Hurley
Julia Hurley
Martha [Ch. 6]
Phil Hardy
Fenton - Ferris' Partner
Helen Lindroth
Helen Lindroth
Frances - Marguerite's Maid
Frank Holland
Leo - Frances' Husband
Robert Vaughn
Garrett - Leader of the Kidnappers [Ch. 3]
Harry Edwards
Harry Edwards
(as J. Harry Edwards)
F.B. Vernoy
Hal Worth [Ch. 4]
Walter McEwen
Durbar - an Oriental Mystic [Ch. 4]
Anna Reader
Martha - one of Durbar's Victims [Ch. 4]
Otto Niemeyer
Carlow - a Fortune Hunter [Ch. 5]
Freeman Barnes
Morton - Carlow's Accomplice [Ch. 5] /
Henry A. Barrows
Henry A. Barrows
Bolton - Head of a Band of Crooks [Ch. 8] (as H.E. Barrows)
Stella Jenno
Irene - Bolton's Accomplice [Ch. 8]
A. Lever
Gungha [Ch. 9]
Eleanor Lewis
Alota - Gungha's Accomplice [Ch. 9]
Lois Howell
Bertha - Gungha's Accomplice [Ch. 9]
R.A. Bennett
Kagler - Bob's Assistant [Ch. 10]
Joseph Sullivan
Wharton - a Foreign Agent [Ch. 10]
Roland Bottomley
Forrest Cummings
Hassan Mussalli
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