Richterin ohne Robe
Richterin ohne Robe


Bettina Hinrichs, who owns a flower shop, has been nominated to act as Schöffin (a german version of jury member) at court. Robert Wrengler is accused to have murdered his wife with a letter bomb. Bettina Hinrichs has mixed feelings about her duty: How can she decide who is telling the truth? Should she believe the tears of the bereft widower or the accusations of his brother-in-law? Her life is turned upside down even more when she finds out that a detective is following her and her daughter, uttering threats in case she makes the wrong decision. And what about Peter, the nice guy she met by accident right after the trial started - is he really on her side? Weighed down by doubt, she finds Wrengler guilty - but that's not the end of it all.
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