Barbarous Mexico
Barbarous Mexico


Eight tales based on the most brutally terrifying Mexican traditions and legends, an anthology of haunting stories woven into the fabric of the Mexican culture, some told through the centuries and some new, but all equally frightening. Bogeymen, trolls, ghosts, monsters, all brought to life. Time for Aztec sacrifices. This is the Day of the Dead.
Joyce Cuervo
Sister (segment 'Drena')
Leslie Arce
Teenager (segment 'Drena')
Sara Camacho
Valeria (segment 'La cosa más preciada')
Dulce Alexa
Laura (segment 'Lo que importa es lo de adentro')
Adrián Aguirre
Caged Man (segment 'Muñecas')
Mayra Angélica Chávez
Caged Woman #1 (segment 'Muñecas')
Ana Rosa Dávila
Caged Woman #2 (segment 'Muñecas')
Mayra Espinoza
Tourist #1 (segment 'Muñecas')
Ana Castro
Tourist #2 (segment 'Muñecas')
Diana Contreras
Wife (segment 'Siete veces siete')
Emi Kamito
Emi Kamito
Ana (segment 'Día de los Muertos')
Ken Dresen
Greg (segment 'Día de los Muertos')
Gabriel Carter
Gabriel Carter
Joe (segment 'Día de los Muertos')
Breann Grainger
Breann Grainger
Lola (segment 'Día de los Muertos')
Aria DeMaris
Aria DeMaris
Maya (segment 'Día de los Muertos')
Leif Bridgman
Ponyboy (segment 'Día de los Muertos')
Shana Chow
Shana Chow
Rosa (segment 'Día de los Muertos')
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