Land of Storms
Land of Storms


Szabolcs plays in a German football team, as does Bernard. They are roommates, best friends, inseparable. A lost match makes him reconsider his life and he goes back to Hungary in hope for more simplicity. Yet his solitude does not last long. Soon after his arrival he meets Áron and a mutual attraction between the two boys develops when suddenly Szabolcs receives an unexpected phone call from Bernard: he has arrived to Hungary...
    1h 45min
András Sütö
András Sütö
Varga Ádám
Varga Ádám
Sebastian Urzendowsky
Sebastian Urzendowsky
Lajos Ottó Horváth
Lajos Ottó Horváth
Szabolcs's Father
Enikő Börcsök
Enikő Börcsök
Áron's Mother
Téby Zita
Téby Zita
Uwe Lauer
Uwe Lauer
Kristóf Horváth
Frici, Brigi's Brother
Gábor Szabó
Szabolcs Fábián
Zsolt Nyári
Boy in the Village 1
Zsolt Horváth
Boy in the Village 2 / Boy on Motorbike 2
Dániel Szerémy
Boy in the Village 3
Péter Herczegh
Péter Herczegh
Boy in the Village 4
Attila Pomlényl
Boy in the Village 5
Viktor Forgács
Boy in the Village 6
Ádám Langó
Boy in the Village 7
Gellért Jaglcza
Boy in the Village 8
Adrienn Erdélyi
Girl in the Village 1
Eszter Csépai
Eszter Csépai
Girl in the Village 2
Cintia Korsós
Girl in the Village 3
Kitti Farkas
Girl in the Village 4
Gábor Harsai
Gyula Hajdú
Miklós Dr. Réfy
Jánosné Simon
Villager in Church 1
Mónika Havasi
Villager in Church 2
Brigitta Rosenthal
Villager in Church 3
Szilvia Ambrusné Radnal
Villager in Church 4
Ferencné Takács
Villager in Church 5
Lászlóné Gál
Villager in Church 6
Lajos Mák
Villager in Church 7
Jánosné Székely Imre
Villager in Church 8
Rozálla András
Villager in Church 9
Jánosné Bagó
Villager in Church 10
Rózsa Szimilkóné Nagy
Villager in Church 11
Ignácné Jagicza
Villager in Church 12
Tamásné Markela
Villager in Church 13
Sándorné Mácsai
Villager in Church 14
Jenoné Geri
Villager in Church 15
István Csorba
Villager in Church 16
Károly Szekszárdi
Villager in Church 17
Soma Varga
Altar Server 1
Attila Ambrus
Attila Ambrus
Altar Server 2
Balázs Ambrus
Altar Server 3
Tamara Tóth
Altar Server 4
György Benedek
Guy at the Tattoo Salon 1
László Tóth
Guy at the Tattoo Salon 2
Michel Victor
Jürgen, Szabolcs' Football Team
Sebastian Berei
Szabolcs' Football Team 2
Norbert Karasi
Szabolcs' Football Team 3
Gyula Pátkai
Szabolcs' Football Team 4
László Székely
Szabolcs' Football Team 5
István Sebök
Szabolcs' Football Team 6
Tamás Rajnai
Szabolcs' Football Team 7
Dániel Szerencsi
Szabolcs' Football Team 8
Sándor Nagy
Szabolcs' Football Team 9 / Linesman
Dániel Karacs
Szabolcs' Football Team 10
János Tarjáni
Szabolcs' Football Team 11
Dávid Vadász
Szabolcs' Football Team 12
Gergö Balázs
Szabolcs' Football Team 13
Benedek Seprényi
Opponent Football Team 1
Lajos Barta
Opponent Football Team 2
Attila Zsíros
Opponent Football Team 3
Richárd Czipra
Opponent Football Team 4
Roland Kiss
Opponent Football Team 5
Zsolt Papp
Opponent Football Team 6
Dániel Karip
Opponent Football Team 7
Zoltán Tüskés
Opponent Football Team 8
Péter Szalontai
Opponent Football Team 9
Patrik Kelemen
Opponent Football Team 10
Viktor Árpási
András Menyhért
Pál Palotal
Opponent's Coach
József Rádóczi
Boy on Motorbike 1
Gábor Bokor
Suit 1
István Ladjánszki
Suit 2
Tibor Balogh
Suit 3
László Mészáros
Suit 4
László György Tóth
Suit 5
Gábor Balázsi
Suit 6
Tibor Gáspár
Tibor Gáspár
Suit 7
András Keserü
Suit 8
István Szakács
Suit 9
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