The Nine Ages of Nakedness
The Nine Ages of Nakedness


A man attempts to deal with the bevy of naked beauties who have been bothering his family for generations.
Charles Gray
Charles Gray
George Harrison Marks
nine roles
Bruno Elrington
The Leader (segment "The Stone Age")
June Palmer
June Palmer
The Girlfriend (segment "The Stone Age")
Sue Bond
Serving Girl
Maj-Britt Mannson
The Secretary (segment "The Stone Age")
Julian Orchard
The Pharaoh (segment "The Egyptians")
Carol Hamilton
Queen Nefertiti (segment "The Egyptians")
Max Bacon
Yossel (segment "The Egyptians")
Patricia Kluge
The Dancer (segment "The Egyptians")
Suzan Long
Lotus (segment "The Chinese")
The Gardener (segment "The Chinese")
Dawn Grayson
Her Ladyship (segment "The Cavaliers")
Maya Zell
The Baroness (segment "The Cavaliers")
David London
Jossop (segment "The Cavaliers")
Sue Bond
Serving Girl (segment "The Cavaliers")
Howard Nelson
Sir Rupert (segment "The Cavaliers")
William Hurndell
William Hurndell
Sir Gregory (segment "The Cavaliers")
Steve Patterson
Horseman (segment "The Cavaliers")
Rusty Hood
Swordsman (segment "The Cavaliers")
Max Wall
Roundhead Leader (segment "The Cavaliers")
Rita Webb
Rita Webb
Brunhilda (segment "The Theatre")
Stuart Samuels
Theatre Manager (segment "The Theatre")
Dawn Williams
The Girl (segment "The Theatre")
Terry Duggan
The Policeman (segment "The Theatre")
Cardew Robinson
Cardew Robinson
The Magistrate (segment "The Theatre")
Oliver MacGreevy
Oliver MacGreevy
Hargreaves (segment "The Old Dark House")
Karen Klein
The Girl (segment "The Old Dark House")
Rena Brown
The Leader (segment "The Future")
Monique Devereaux
Girl in Command (segment "The Future")
Mona Brown
Nurse (segment "Harley St.")
Annette Johnson
Nurse (segment "Harley St.")
Toni Harrison Marks
The Psycho-analyst
Maria Frost
Photographer's Model (uncredited)
Josephine Harrison Marks
Josephine Harrison Marks
Baby (uncredited)
Pat Schaefer
Li Wing
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